VFX Sketch #19: Winners and Badges!



Happy New Year! Thanks again to everyone who participated this last 2 months! What a great way to start the year with some destruction! Let’s get to those winners!

1st Place: @celiue


Congratulations @celiue! Check out their WIP here: Celine de Wijs: Sketch #19 WIP

2nd Place: @Shr1mpsy


Congratulations @Shr1mpsy! Check out their WIP here: Shr1mpsy: Sketch #19

If you didn’t have the time to get your entry in or make as much progress as you would have liked, feel free to continue to iterate and work on last months entry! Alternatively, if you would like a fresh new challenge, be sure to check out the next VFX Sketch, soon to be posted!

Thanks again to all those who participated this past December/January. We’ll be dishing out your badges to your profiles shortly! We’ll see you in the next sketch! :white_circle:


Congrats guys, these are decent work!


Congrats :slight_smile:

btw, wouldnt it be neat to see gifs (when available) of the runner-ups as well? :slight_smile:


Oh, thank you! :open_mouth::tada:
Good job to everyone!


Although I do want to separate the top entires from the pack, I don’t think mentions and links to the runner ups would hurt! I’ll add them in the future!

Thanks @Luos_83 :smiley:


Very cool! well done you guys


Yeah, would be convenient to have them at one place at the end for a quick look up. I am always clicking and scrolling around with many tabs to see all the other entries.

Nontheless, great work again from everybody!


Congratz everyone! <3