VFX practice, Feedback please!

video! https://imgur.com/a/XQBupgY

Tried making a Ink trail effect in Unity. Any feedback is appreciated!


(feel free to post your process)

but it’s a very good start!
my feedback :

  1. The timing is a bit too linear! The appearance and disappearance could be more impactful using a curve.

  2. Perhaps there’s a lack of anticipation! a circle at the start? a ball of ink that charges? etc… but something that announces the line.

  3. the shader may move a little too much!

it’s a shader on a line renderer ?

small detail: I don’t understand the white line? it’s supposed to represent a reflection? if that’s the case the texture could be more like long thin lines that would represent the marks left by the brush hairs! (it’s just an idea)

but really great, keep it up! don’t hesitate to post so we can see your progress :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback! Will work on the things you mentioned and will post a update here. The shader is also on a plane mesh.

Fire slash I made. Going to work on Ink Trail tommorow.


Fire slash version 2.

Tried remaking Lost Ark vfx for practice.
Was fun!