VFX Mentorship



Totally hear you! I’ve learned a lot (and hopefully the students have too!) Over the past few months. The next phase will be more formalized/standardized to streamline the learning process. Once that’s working well, sharing the load becomes a very real possibility!


After I am finished with two upcoming deadlines (end of December) I might pick this up early next year.
I feel like I have a decent grasp on particle effects/vfx but one thing that I am realizing time and time again is how poorly I understand timing and readability of my effects.

And while I keep practicing, I think I could use the boost.
So you’ll be hearing from me early next year :slight_smile:


Same from me! Just have to get the last of these two crazy months out of the way first!


It’s been an interesting experience having students at all levels pop in and out. Seats open up and then fill in with a sort of rhythm from month-to-month. It seems to be a good format for people wanting a la carte learningg.