VFX for Live Game Development


Hi-Rez is looking to hire a VFX artist for their latest and greatest F2P title, Realm Royale:


As someone who has worked on an already-launched live-service game, I’ll say it’s super nice for a few reasons: instant validation for my work, without a multi-year turn-around, less severe peaks-and-valleys in the ebb and flow of crunch times, and a pipeline that keeps getting the “ear flicks” removed over the course of the product’s lifetime.

Anyone else have thoughts around working on live games?

Player feedback! Its nice to work on a live product and get feedback on if anything is unclear. Sometimes its easy to get in your own head about an effect. Making it cool is important, but making sure it compliments the game play is more important! I like asking our players about specific spells/abilities and hearing what they feel is unclear or could be improved.

Also posting fun things like doing a poll of spells that people like, and doing a re-color/re-imagining and then sharing it with them is a fun way an FX artist can interact with players.

Totally! As critical as players can sometimes about art (as they should be, since they keep us all employed), they are also super energizing and encouraging to interact with. That ongoing conversation can be a strong source of encouragement along the way.

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