VFX Experiments/Personal WIP - Sam Perzanowski


Looks amazing :slight_smile: Very dramatic, the colours are amazing


This is some really cool stuff Sam :slight_smile: I would special mention the effort for the stylized fire of Zelda, a very good recreation effort. Apparently Zelda ones are really upto next level in stylized category. The mirror portal is also special one. Will you try some heavy stylized explosion Zelda like? Would love to see


Do i like this fire, Much like Zelda, is stylized material produced? Is the texture hand painted?


Thanks Silver!

The fire is created entirely in the shader. Most of the fire and flame lick shapes you see are created through the use of a highly customized noise texture made in after effects and Photoshop that gave me the shapes I wanted. This texture acts as a mask of sorts as it scrolls upwards, and combined with some other masks and gradiants it creates the fire look. The end result sort of acts like an alpha clip would act, breaking apart and clipping down the image the darker the textures get.


Thanks for the valuable info for this effect. That fire is indeed quite close to Zelda mate. What software you have used for it?


@Atif I used unreal for this and all the other vfx posted here.


Hey, Sam!
Your fire is really nice :astonished:! I would be pleased to know your approach of creating that material.
Great job!