VFX Essentials


EDIT: I don’t want to make a new topic for every marketplace release, I’ll just post all of them on here :smiley:

Latest Release:

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Neat! will buy it out of support.

One thing though, you might want to try and go back 3-4 versions since many people are often 3-4 versions (or more) behind, which allows for some more potential buyers. (I am generally stuck at 4.16 with many clients, so a 4.16 version is something I’d really apprechate)

Edit: purchased.


Lovely, thanks mate!

Hmm right, going back a few versions makes a lot of sense, especialy since the techniques that I used have been in the engine for quite a while.
I’ll have a look what I can do for that.


If you layer multiple splines on top of eachother with different textures and animations, you get something pretty neat as well :smiley:


I have added backwards compatibility for the pack all the way back to 4.14.3.
Nice call Luos, thanks.

Also here’s a cool picture to look at :smiley:


This one might not be as useful to you guys, but I wanted to put it on here both for concistency sake, and because it might help save you some time. :smiley:

I notice that a lot of game use these nowadays, just simple atmospherics attached to the player or the camera.

This is supposed to function both as a way for smaller studios who want to have there without having to spend too much time developing them as well as potentialy a base to use during placeholder phases.

Let me know what you think :smiley:


VFX Essentials : Teleport
It’s out now on the marketplace for people who are interested :smiley:
Have a look at the first post for details.

Here’s some extra media for reference.

Let me know what you think! :smiley:


VFX Essentials : Status mini pack

In this pack are some status effects (12) and a blueprint setup to control how the effect affects whichever object it currently targets.

Here is some extra media to enjoy:

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think about it.


Update status minipack to 4.22. Keep updating, please dont be that kind of content creator that just leave away


This thread is awesome! @Wyvery Great job :slight_smile: