VFX Essentials

EDIT: I don’t want to make a new topic for every marketplace release, I’ll just post all of them on here :smiley:

Latest Release:

Previous Release :


Neat! will buy it out of support.

One thing though, you might want to try and go back 3-4 versions since many people are often 3-4 versions (or more) behind, which allows for some more potential buyers. (I am generally stuck at 4.16 with many clients, so a 4.16 version is something I’d really apprechate)

Edit: purchased.

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Lovely, thanks mate!

Hmm right, going back a few versions makes a lot of sense, especialy since the techniques that I used have been in the engine for quite a while.
I’ll have a look what I can do for that.

If you layer multiple splines on top of eachother with different textures and animations, you get something pretty neat as well :smiley:


I have added backwards compatibility for the pack all the way back to 4.14.3.
Nice call Luos, thanks.

Also here’s a cool picture to look at :smiley:


This one might not be as useful to you guys, but I wanted to put it on here both for concistency sake, and because it might help save you some time. :smiley:

I notice that a lot of game use these nowadays, just simple atmospherics attached to the player or the camera.

This is supposed to function both as a way for smaller studios who want to have there without having to spend too much time developing them as well as potentialy a base to use during placeholder phases.

Let me know what you think :smiley:


VFX Essentials : Teleport
It’s out now on the marketplace for people who are interested :smiley:
Have a look at the first post for details.

Here’s some extra media for reference.

Let me know what you think! :smiley:


VFX Essentials : Status mini pack

In this pack are some status effects (12) and a blueprint setup to control how the effect affects whichever object it currently targets.

Here is some extra media to enjoy:

I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think about it.

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Update status minipack to 4.22. Keep updating, please dont be that kind of content creator that just leave away

This thread is awesome! @Niels Great job :slight_smile:

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VFX Essentials : Arrows

10 Projectiles
Charge up > Release > Projectile Trail > Impact

Just wanted to post some media for you guys to enjoy.


If you want to buy it, you can do so here:


It’s not for sale in the market, I wanted the files to see how it was made. Is there any way to get them?

I believe they were removed because the effects are old and I didn’t have time to keep them updated.

Please also keep in mind that I used cascade, and not Niagara for those effects, so it might be better to reference Niagara effects instead.

Btw, what parts are you interested in learning about?

I wanted to see the type of textures and mesh used for the effect and also to see the elements of the effect. even if it’s in cascade I think it will help me out. And I was interested in the Arrows V1 and Telelport.