VFX Artist - Action adventure game set in Ancient India


Our indie studio is looking to hire a VFX artist for our title “Raji: An Ancient Epic


We’re a passionate team and looking for a team player. We are very excited about the universe we’re creating with our title and would love to hear from you.


Impressive-looking stuff! Looks like you’ve already on your way with some VFX in the game. I’m guessing since you’re just six people, these were done by a generalist?

Hey Keyserito,

Thank you, the existing VFX was done by our previous VFX artist. Due to unfortunate circumstances he cannot work with us anymore, so here we are…looking for a new VFX artist :slight_smile:

/me waves

heyhey! hope you find a great artist!

Hey, thank you, do let your VFX friends know about it! :wink:


We’re still looking for a talented VFX artist!