VFX and Games Reading List


I’ve just finished updating my VFX and Games Reading list - a load of useful links I use to refer back to while I’m teaching. It covers everything from advice to getting into the industry, to software specific tutorials, to good reference sources.

If there’s anything you think is a massive glaring omission (or if you’ve been linked and don’t want to be for some reason) please let me know!



Great list, thanks for doing this!

Bookmarked !!

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Great overview and thanks for including me! By the way, @Luos_83 has a similar list, maybe you guys want to link to each other? :slight_smile:

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already had a link to his website :slight_smile:
Sadly, because a html-update broke my website a few months after paying someone to make the website… I kinda ignored my website completely.
Should find some time to fix and update stuff.

So much to add.

added a link to Lousarts to my list :slight_smile:

there’s just so much good information out there and it’s changing all the time it’s hard to keep a wiki or list of links upto date.

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