VFExtra Textures update 12-22

VFExtra Textures update

Hey, I just updated the VFExtra Textures pack, it now includes over 300 unique VFX Textures!

Like before, they’re all TGA so you can easily use them with whichever engine you would like.
This time I also included uasset file version for UE5.1 users. That way you don’t have to import 300 textures if you want to use all of them

**Use: **
Honestly just pick and choose your favorites and import them into your engine of choice. Since they are tga you can also import them into photoshop etc… and adjust them, there won’t be any loss of data compared to the textures I baked.

Download :
You can download it from the VFExtra page on my website.

Overview :

Check the VFExtra page under the license section

Please let me know if you any issues or feedback!
Or if you prefer posting on twitter :


With this large a number of textures, the download size has increased quite a bit.
I believe in the following versions it might be better to separate the pack so you can pick and choose which kind of textures to download.

What do you think?

Should I split the texture pack
  • Keep as one large pack
  • Multiple smaller packs according to category
  • Download each file individually

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Thank you so much for putting this together.
I’m really new to vfx so collections like this one help a lot with just playing around and trying out different things.
I personally like to have it as one big download but would still download seperate packs without any complains :slight_smile:

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Fantastic Niels, thanks so much for what you do! Word of advice to others: try to recreate some of these, it’s actually a good exercise, b/c at some point you’ll need something very specific that isn’t quite covered by something that someone else made.

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