VFExtra for UE5.0

VFExtra is out for Unreal Engine 5.0


VFExtra is a collection of tools and assets for VFX developement In Unreal Engine
It is an ongoing project to provide extra functionality to help VFX artists increase their productivity.

If you have any issues using the pack, please contact me here : support@nielsdewitte.be

A small tool using the new Geometry Script plugin to generate sweep meshes

Removing bugs that occurred during the update to UE5.
Unfortunately some bugs still remain, but the tools should be usable in their current state.


The download page contains information about installation. please follow the install guide there.


If you have Requests for functionality to be added to the pack, please let me know in this thread!


VFExtra update!

Reworked Magic Spline
Magic Spline now uses Geometry Script (don’t forget to enable the plugin)
This means that you can update update the spline meshes directly, and get immediate feedback in the effect.

Custom shape using an addition spline : You can now use an extra spline to define the cross-section shape manually

To use the new features use BP_MagicSplineV2

The original Magic Spline is now deprecated and will no longer receive any updates.

  • New Materials, Texture and Example map
    A few textures and materials were added as examples.
    Hopefully this can help you get started.

Download it now : Click Here


Hi! Not sure if that’s the best place to report bugs and stuff so lemme know if you have a preference.

Anyway, I’m getting a crash when loading the MagicSpline level

So far everything else seems to work (although I haven’t tried much yet)

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No this is a good place to report.

Seems to be an array out of bound exception.
Since it’s working on my end, my guess would be that a slight version difference causes GeometryScriptingCore to attempt to access an array which I haven’t set.

  • What version are you working on.
  • If you try to manually place MagicSplinev2 in a test level, does it also crash?
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You were right!
I was using UE 5.0.0, and it did crash even when I manually placed MagicSplinev2 in a new level.

All that seems to work fine on 5.0.3, didn’t notice there was a new version so that’s on me ^^’

Thanks anyway~

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Not really your fault, usually stuff just works between versions. There must have been an error that got fixed between those version.

Thanks for reporting it here, hopefully others can see find it if they run into the same issue!

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M_FX_Uber . MaterialFunctionLost.I can’t view NS_ Can you help me with the effect of magicsplineexample003? thank you!

I’m not sure what the exact function setup is, but based off the param names something like this should work (at least in the short term):

Oh no that’s the UVManipuplation MF I must have forgotten to include it.

I can’t easily fix it right now, but I’ll add it in the next version.

For now, I’ll just show the node network so you can recreate it if you want.
The MF looks like this :

In the material it’s plugged in like this :

Please let me know if you have any other issues.

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Thank you very much ~ it’s so cool~

Thank you very much !