Very Cartoonic VFX for Brawl Stars made with Flash


Hey Guys! :smiley: I’m Woo who works as a game artist at Supercell.
I’m mainly focusing on the VFX for Brawl Stars. I want to share some of my stuff.

I assume my way to make VFX is a little bit unusual since I’ve been using Flash mostly.
(I hadn’t been using Flash before joined this team either :sweat_smile:)

After a looooong painful time, I eventually got a little bit of know-how and decided to share the idea.
Hopefully my work gives a small help to you guys. :laughing:

When I made a plan for this game my initial goals were like these

  • very cartoon style
  • avoiding to use pre-rendered sequences as possible as I can

And the concerns were like these

  • our engine doesn’t support custom shader nor 3d base meshes for a particle
  • our game has a wide range of ground colors (Desert, Snowy field, Mine, and etc)
  • each VFX has to be represented the side very clearly (blue for allies, red for enemies)

So I had to make something cool with very basic color blending shaders, just a simple plane for particles, limited color palette, and a LOT of animation. :innocent:

These are examples :

1. Gun Smoke


I used these images to make those kind of gun smokes.
There is a few more different types of gun smokes depends on the weapons in the game.


And animated them like these,

This is the basic idea. I can change angle, scale, or color to make variations.

2. Explosion


This is the resources for the explosion & cloud,


And this is the animation frame,

I separated them as two parts, in the air / on the ground, and randomly generate a few different types of clouds for each parts to make the explosion looks less repetitive.

For example, I made these exploding cloud for the upper part.


And it’s very easy to change the color.


It took a time to make at the beginning, but after that it’s very easy to reproduce.

3. Electricity


Used resources are like this,


And animation frame is like this,

Electricity is quite easier than other elements because it’s very short and usually thin.
But at the same time I should be careful, short frames mean limited time and thin graphics could be easily look noisy.

And these are a few more my favorite works :


I’m using Behance as a portfolio page. I’ve uploaded more examples, animation frames, and resources on my page. You can check them here :

I hope you guys enjoy my work! :slight_smile:
Thanks to read!


Super fan of Supercell stuff.

Thanks a lot for sharing! :gem:

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Thanks a lot man! :wink:

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Super instructive thanks a lot !

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Great job man, the simpler the better, although it might’ve been a bit frustrating at first !))

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Thanks for reading! :smiley:

Hahaha that’s true man :laughing: Thanks to say that!

Very interesting VFX, look forward to your future share ~

I saw your liquid animation in one of the attacks. Was it hand animated or you used sort of a shape tween or a tweened symbol for it?

I animated them by hand. Not a shape tween nor tweened symbol.
Unfortunately our engine doesn’t support that kind of function. :stuck_out_tongue:

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