Version comparison

Hello everyone!

The company that I work for is interested in acquiring a license for Houdini CORE but I would like to know if this version supports the usage of sidefx labs, in particular vertex animation texture exports to unreal engine.

Matter of fact I would like to know if I can still do simple RBD fractures and simulations (drop against the floor) and pyro simulation (remesh the simple fireball into a vdb/geometry), and then export those as VATs

If anybody has experience with this, I’d appreciate the insight.

Hello rhorseman92,

afaik, simulations are just available in FX Houdini license (or in the Indie License, if you are a smaller studio).
FX will have everything that CORE does, but the CORE won’t have Grains, Destruction, Fluids, Fire, Vellum, and probably misses more.

You can still do animations and manipulate geometry, but I do not know how the lab extensions (like VAT3.0) will work in CORE.

thnx for the reply!

Apparently vat exporting is still possible since it’s a render node and not a dop node.
That said, the comparison chart mentions a “simple fireball” and “simple fracture”; any idea if it’s a baked sim at sop level ? does it allow any sort of freedom at all or are you stuck with a sim that will always look the same ?

sadly I haven’t currently access to CORE nor FX. So I cannot answer to detailed, but:

In the docs it is stated that both “Simple Fracture” and “Simple Fireball” shelf tools are using SOPs.