Venom Slash (breakdown of the effect included)

Everything is made with All In 1 Vfx Toolkit, using assets that the package already included. The prefab will be available next week in a new update

Short breakdown:
The core of the effect is a ring shaped mesh with an alpha mask that covers the center of the sword slash

The details of the sword slash come from this 2 textures that are being multiplied against each other
The Noise 1 texture is scrolled across the mesh and drives the slash movement (the mesh is static)

The color comes from a simple Color Ramp + Glow (the scene has Bloom Post Processing enabled)

The texture of the splashes is an atlas of 4 splashes that are randomized in the Texture Sheet Animation tab
They have a little bit of glow and they get faded using a dissolve map
The exact same splashes get used on the floor and across the slash

Feedback on both the asset and effect is greatly appreciated