Vega: Sketch #6 WIP


My first try with the events here! :smiley:

Inspired mainly from the following pics.

And the first version looks like this,

The obvious color levels are because of gif exporting, not intended to be.

Next I think I should try to make it look ‘faster’ XD

Welcome any advice :smiley:

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  • make the previous effect move faster
  • change the outer gas mask to stripes
  • add slight smoke
  • add three rings burst per second

I hope the rings do something with the feeling. It just sprang to my mind XD


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Looks fun :smiley:

Maybe some toony stars?

Good idea! I’ll try it :smiley:

Thought a long time where to add the stars. Now it’s look totally cartoony and like a magic engine lol

Found that combining different elements looks great :smiley: