VaxKun: Sketch #25 HEAL


FINALLY managed to have some time left for an event :smiley:
Plus, trying to use same particles and color for the effect

To-Do list of the heal effect:
[ :smiley: ] Charge
[ :smiley: ] Hit
[ :smiley: ] Heal zone
[ :smiley: ] Dissapear

Of course going to post things, but im going to sketch a bit.

FINAL ENTRY (Gif and Video):


made the heart on 3ds max

So, made a toon lightning for the heart, and implemented too a simple noise dissolve to make the heart appear over time. Started with charge particles, and made heart animation :smiley: still a lot left but its something :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Made a circle, and a placeholder impact particles.
Started adding some glow too, so the heart shader has now fresnel

Texture made with Polygon shapes on photoshop, 5 sides in and out, then some circles and 2 triangles to make the stars
Gotta edit the particles sheet too (for that i made a sheet with a plus and a circle

GLOWY :smiley:
I think that the β€œCharge” part is almost done, plus, added a sphere β€œexplosion” to add more sensastion of hit. Some particles share that work with limited velocity over time.
AND, made some room to the heal over time.

Changed environment a bit, addeda glowing heart with rays and some particles for the healing area that fits with the dissappearing part :smiley:

Gonna do some final touches before saying its a final entry

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Added some final touches.

Of course there is always room to improve, but ill leave it here.

Have a good dev!

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