VALORANT - VFX Reference

Since I was lucky enough to get a VALORANT beta key drop, and most people are playing the game too quickly to get a good a good look at anything, this will be a thread for posting in-game recorded vfx stuff for everyone to check out as up close as I can recorded it. No frantic gameplay!

First up is the early VFX community fan favorite: Omen!

I was only able to record his FX from a first person perspective. Hopefully in the future I can get someone else to help me record 3rd person perspectives and different angles for things.


Thanks for this @Travis! :sparkles:

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More on the way! I’ll probably do a hero a day if I can, and then one of all the other stuff like muzzle flashes and things


please do it!
I would be very grateful for the reference from this game! :heart_eyes:

Hey @Travis,

Super cool to see you recording the VFX and sharing them here! If you want, I can help you out with the 3rd person perspective recordings.

I have access to the game as well. :slight_smile:

Only issue might be the server, as I play on EU and see that you are from Texas.

Yeah! That would be super helpful. I bet there’s more going on than you can see in just the first person perspective. I don’t think server stuff will cause too many problems, since it’s just recording the effects from different angles. I’m sure it would matter if we were playing an actual PvP game

Well, I got pretty busy soon after I started this… but with some luck, Niles Tucker just posted a bunch of his Valorant VFX work, so hopefully that makes up for the gaps for now.



Jay Lee

Moonsoo Park

David Shovlin

Stefan Jevremovic


FWIW, Riot Games posted a big ol’ Art Dump for Valorant over at Artstation just today - Riot Games VALORANT Art Blast - ArtStation Magazine