Valentin's VFX journey

Hello everyone!

My name is Valentin Cieur, and I started a professionnal reorientation to become VFX artist!
I am currently learning through the VFX Apprentice course, and I am having a blast so far.

I will post here some of the work that I consider complete.
You can find me on Twitter and ArtStation

I always welcome feedback and opinions on any of my creations, so feel free to share!

See you around :slight_smile:

Here is my first complete VFX, a campfire!

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My second fully completed VFX. Really enjoyed making that one and particularly had a lot of fun with the trail particles!

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And here is my most recent work to date, a Chain Lightning spell!
Had a blast making the textures for that one and ended up testing a lot of different things.

PS: No idea why imgur puts a +18yo warning on this one, I assure you it’s a safe click :disguised_face: