Using custom function in shader graph

Hey Guys,
I’m trying follow this tuto from Cyan to understand how to add ripple based on collision. (Forcefield Shader Breakdown – Cyan)

but at my level, he took a too sharp shortcut explaining how to add the custom function into the shader, and I absolutely don’t know how to add it properly and if all the code he is listing, need to be put in one file or two?

Can someone enlighten me on this - to the detriment to of blaming myself to be too stupid :slight_smile:

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I don’t know if you are still looking for a solution on that but there is a very good documentation for that node here.

You can have all your functions in a single file or not, you have to specify the function’s name in either cases(the doc goes into much detail on that). You can also directly enter the function as a string in the node, but that’s probably not ideal.

THank you Basil, I will try that for sure!