URP (Unlit Graph) alpha does not work in the particle system

Hello everyone, alpha does not work in the particle system in unity. I used the tutorial guide from @GabrielAguiar in the HDRP render everything works fine , I decided to do the same in the URP render and the alpha channel does not want to work, tell me what is wrong ?
The goal is to manage transparency in the particle system and color over lifetime

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On additive blending your alpha is your color basically. Particle will fade when you set darker color.
You should change blend to Alpha.

Thank you so much , it helped, I’m glad that I can continue to do what I planned =)

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Blend:Alpha will give you a different visual result than Blend:Additive, it is also more expensive.
If you want to continue using Additive but have Alpha support you can multiply RGB * A and then plug the result into the output colour.