Urgent Feedback for a job's test task - Cryo Launcher Effect

cryo launcher

Hello, as stated in the title I need quite an urgent feedback. I’m a newbie applying for my first job in the industry and was given a test task to create a Cryo Launcher effect. It has to include a launch, a projectile and obviously a hit effect. As a reference I was told to use style similar to Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. This is what I came up with so far. My deadline is until October 6th, so this Friday. Would love to hear what you think, cheers!

Better quality video

The projectile

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its really good, or its ok. i am in same position as you. That is block out. Now you need to find something to give life to that vfx. This is not comment to make you feel bad, just to understand that you need to add more. Maybe something more behind rocket, you have trail and that is great, you have ribbon with noise texture, maybe i am wrong, but something like that. maybe add some particles that fade out and have curl noise(i am not sure how unity works, i am UE user :)) maybe add white smoke and make it get smaller with time, not so long lifetime. This part on ground, i like that, but maybe you create some noise when disappear(You are using alpha to fade out, find more references and try to add something to make it more interesting)

I just want to give you my opinion, and to tell, this is good, but give more time and make something even better. Good luck :slight_smile:


This test sounds familiar :smile:

I think it’s looking really good so far, and the only suggestions I have are really minor things.

  • Add a tiny delay to your ground decal spawning and either fade it in, or more ideally grow from the center out either by scaling the size or using a reverse alpha erosion so it grows out from the center. Just enough to see some motion in the decal after the main burst effect.
    Like 0.1 or 0.2 seconds after the radial spiky bits have finished their life on screen, you see the decal fade or scale in to 100%.

  • Move the orbit (or curl noise?) motion on the residual snowflakes from the end of their life to the start of their life. So they start out with their orbit motion when they spawn, and the circular motion fades to 0 over their life. This will line up better with the drag on their velocity, so as the snowflakes are slowing down as they move away from the center of the blast, their random movement slows down as well. Think about the energy the blast is giving off dissipating; the snowflakes movement will be faster and more violent at the start and fade off.

  • Add a small amount of gravity/negative Z acceleration to the snowflakes as well, so as they slow down, they start to fall a little. That will provide some more residual motion to the effect.

  • The spiky 4-point lens flare on the rocket launch feels a little out of place, so maybe either remove it, or if you like it in there, then reduce the opacity by like 50% to make it feel a little softer

  • If it feels like it still needs a bit more lingering detail, you could always add in some small mesh chunks with gravity applied that either collide with the ground and hang out for a bit, or scale down to 0 before they hit the ground. You could also add some low opacity lingering clouds that slowly move around in the area of the decal. Just to add that sort of dry ice fog feel

  • I second all of kentaur1994’s suggestions as well

Again, these are just minor suggestions and I’d like to reiterate that what you have is a pretty strong effect already. You’ve got good elements in your launch effect, and the blast feels good too.


Thank you very much for your feedback, I really appreciate it.

Here’s an updated version


Impact looks good, I’d make the round flakes that stay behind smaller (half size?) - they make it look low detail atm.
You could also think about giving them a little more curl noise movement until they get to rest in the air.

The muzzle is missing some directional language visually, it only has these round parts that move in the right direction. Maybe add some cone aligned streaks.

The projectile flight streak is a bit small and dense, It could be a bit bigger but also more loose, dissipating around the edges, have a longer alpha fade gradient.

Projectile would also benefit from having some of the cryo dust left behind that gets spawned by distance moved. Those dust particles should linger on mid air for a bit, but turn quite transparent quick for not distracting too much from the actual projectile.
The trail in the ref relies a lot on that stuff, gives it a nice cryo feel even before impact:

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A small update, I got the job :grinning:
Also, here’s the final effect. Thank you very much everyone!