Updated Reel 2020

2020 VG Reel

Updated some stuff… hope you guys dig it.


Ooooooohohoho that looks fantastic @Jamie_Clark!

I really like those fluids. That green liquid comig out of the monster’s mouth in the Fallout bit feels great, and so does the black goo at the mid part of the vid!

About the smoke / dust / fire sims, they are on point too.

Just out of curiosity, was it hard to convey a sense of scale in SOTC? What was the most challenging effect you had to create? :sparkles:

Thanks so much man, that really means a lot :slight_smile:

SOTC was probably one if not the favorite games I’ve worked on. Unfortunately I only had a few things from it that I had saved, and by the time I decided to do this reel all of the game was archived.

I think the hardest FX from a technical standpoint were the waterfalls. I did most of them, but then they were over budget because of overdraw. The waterfall that’s right near the Pelagia boss was the bear. Mainly because you can walk along that fall and look down which kills framerate.

Of course as the artist I was like, “Yeah but you’re not fighting anywhere near there so who cares if the rate drops below 60 for a few seconds :)”

But alas I was overruled. A friend of mine James Mestemaker finished that one up when he came aboard. But a lot of the other falls I did were kept.

From an artistic side the hardest parts were really just trying to improve the older FX with new stuff while still keeping to the same spirit of the previous gen game.

For scale it was all about speed. The faster the particles the smaller each boss felt when you’re talking about their ambient FX (foot stomps, smashes, falls, etc.) So I just made sure they moved slower with some fudging of gravity and drag to give them that large sense of scale.

The attacks were already a nice blueprint to start from so those were probably the most fun.

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Just came across this (a few months late), but it’s awesome! Really great work!
Loved SOTC and I think it’s so cool to see the people behind the VFX I can recognize. Those waterfalls were perfect!

Thanks man, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I missed this the first time around, but awesome work! Thanks for posting Jamie :sparkling_heart:

Thanks alot man :slight_smile: