Unruly Heroes - VFX

Hello everyone !

I can finally show my work right now on unruly heroes !
My First game as a VFX artist :smiley:
I worked on this game from A to Z.

The game is available now :smiley:
Steam ► https://goo.gl/XE4DSy 🐵
Nintendo Switch ►https://goo.gl/G7rkif 🐵
XboxOne ► https://goo.gl/drmUzr 🐵
Win10 ► https://goo.gl/bnRvsK

And you can follow me on twitter right now !:hugs: : https://twitter.com/t_jojoo


I love it man! keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Thank ^^ i will post the vfx in few days !


What amazing work!! I really love it.

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Thank you - Merci Beaucoup :star_struck: :fr:

Nice! Looking forward to the effects :slight_smile:. Will you also be doing some breakdowns? Would be some great studies for me as I want to start with 3d fx haha

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I don’t know about breakdowns for now, i need to figure what i want to show (everything is in the game too) :stuck_out_tongue: but you can ask questions ^^.

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Nice, I’ll do that for sure !

The game looks nice, can’t wait to see your reel!

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