Unreal4 learning so far

Hey everyone, i started learning unreal a bit over a year ago, almost 2 years now! and man i have a ton to learn still, so much to dive into! so many techniques and material/shaders to learn…
here is a few things i have been working on:

i have been working a bit on flip books too, trying to combine them with unreal madness, sometimes it works out, sometimes… it is too messy haha:

the real time vfx discord had been a real awesome place to level up and ask so many questions!
and i am sure there is going to be a ton more, once i start learning niagara…!


Wow, these are really cool! The wispy gaseousness of the first one is amazing—are you using ribbons or animated sprite materials or what?

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kinda cheating, but it is really just a texture scrolling on geo haha
the mesh is a bit heavy, but it holds up the UVs nicely

  • Might want to have a look at texture tiling in your portal, I can spot a seam :smiley:
  • In your lightning you have some textures showing below the impact point, that makes it kinda difficult to read where the impact is.

Overall lovely work though, I like what you did with the colours in the lightning one.


oh yeah, i looked for that seam and i could never find it lol, it is one of the geos for sure, but once isolate it it doesn’t show up… haha
the lighting i should have used a ground layer so it doesn’t go throw the impact point, that is just me being lazy for sure.

Did you make the texture with the good old Flame Painter? I nearly forgot that nice tool. Making these tileable can be painful :slight_smile:

it was a combo platter to be honest, i started in flame painter, but it always gave me some odd shapes, so i painted out the bits i didn’t like, and added a nice clean photo found of smoke. Painted out any seems extra noise i didn’t want. It was a lot of smudge brushing. haha

what the hell !!! I almost “spilled my beans” looking at the way you did this.
It’s Brilliant !! the result is so nice and flowy. very well cheated! good job

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What would you recommend doing to achieve this effect without a seam? Sorry if the answer is obvious :sweat_smile:

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Makeing your texture tileable would do the trick :smiley:
Ah, also make sure of course that uv scaleing is a multiple of one, otherwise the tiling doesn’t really help;

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Really good job, looks awesome!

Thanks! I’ll be sure to experiment :slight_smile: