[Unreal] Portal Effect (WIP)

This is my first VFX project in Unreal’s Niagra that I am making for a module at university. I would greatly appreciate any feedback, comments and suggestions about what to change, fix or add to it!


I think this looks really good! It would help a lot to give better critique if the image was in higher resolution. But what I feel at the moment is that the lighting (that’s coming out of the hole before the portal grows) doesn’t always seem like it coming out of the hole - it sometimes seems like it just appears around it. But I absolutely love the effect as the portal is growing - there’s a liveliness and elasticity to it - well done!
What was it like to make this? I’m about to attempt making a portal myself and any hindsight wisdom will help.

Just finished the project and here’s the final result:


I’ve included some component breakdowns so hopefully that can inform any methdology you’d want to use with your attempt.