Unreal engine materials parameters

In this unreal engine tutorial you will learn how to make custom material parameters and use them in instance materials.


thanks for this Materials

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you’r welcome… :slight_smile:

I’m real curious as to how they were able to push the emissive that high in the tutorial without it blowing out like garbage and triggering that stupid lens flare. It’s behaving like old Unreal, I wonder what version this person is using?

I’m not sure what garbage lens flares you are talking about, but if it is those weird anisotropic thingys popping up when your blooming kicks in. You can disable those in your project settings. Engine - Rendering → Lens Flares (Images Based) false.

I believe they also have auto exposure enabled which helps deal with some of the issues you would have with over exposing an emissive part of your image.

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Awesome, thanks for the info! When we switched over to one of the newer versions at work, we had to re-do a ton of our emissive stuff. A strength of 2 or 3 on anything was like having it at 1000 :confused:

I want to get away from that look on my home projects

@Travis i am using unreal engine 4.21

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