Unreal Engine 5 - Demo Case Study


Just saw this and I’m speechless. Epic.

Sooooo many cool stuff here. I’m gonna be studying and recreating the coolest bits in this thread soon so feel free to share your comments or suggestions! :sparkles:


Gaa! Ninja’d! I was just about to make a post.

I wonder what the UV’s look like, or if this is all UDIMS? Plus, how BIG is this? What’s the file size? It might be able to push Billions upon Billions of tris, but that’s still a bunch of data right? Plus, VFX wise, if you’re going to be working on something with THIS level of detail, now that scope of what is acceptable has been pushed, right? That real time (?) water was cool, but, compared to everything else…and shoot even the character, which would have looked REALLY GOOD right now, in comparison is…eh. This changes so much through comparison. Folks with extensive Zbrush experience must feel real good right now.

I wonder if this tech that pushes all the triangles would work with Mesh based particles too?

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I think they used Virtual Texturing!


Super interesting tech. It’s available in UE4 so we’ll be able to play with it for a while before UE5’s release!

Yea a quick thought was. EXCUSE ME, WTF

They basically said, we can do films in realtime now :slight_smile:
Although i dont think a lot of games will go this way, (maybe TombRaider or something like that) just because the game files would be INSANELY LARGE.
But the real thing here is that they said we can put just billions of polys. What we can do with only few…

Wanna know how this works, limitations and more. but at first sight, DOES THIS JUST MEANS THAT WE CAN DO ENDGAME FINAL BATTLE IN REALTIME??

Oh in the post they say: “Nanite virtualized geometry means that film-quality source art comprising hundreds of millions or billions of polygons can be imported directly into Unreal Engine—anything from ZBrush sculpts to photogrammetry scans to CAD data—and it just works.”

My most intense curiosity is if the Nanite virtualized geometry works too on dynamic meshes, such as characters, VFX

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Facilitating, yet mildly frustrating. I keep trying to learn this stuff, AND THEY KEEP MAKING STUFF OBSOLETE! I swear, I can’t keep up! I love it & I hate it & I want more. SIGH

Well… I guess that makes me a Game Dev in sprit eh? :stuck_out_tongue:


The destruction was cool too! is that something realtimevfx guys do here?

The destruction was achieved using Chaos!

Check it out:


Super excited and loved every second of it, i can’t believe what a huge leap in quality this is.

I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t skeptical about certain things, realtime fluid simulations? surely that can’t be possible?

I tried insect flock from this video. In ue4. 25 niagara. Here is my video



Made the portal using Niagara! :sparkles:



Oh, vfx hive mind? You posted this portal just as I was posting mine.

(Your’s look a lot better though :wink: )

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My version of portal in unreal engine niagara

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