Unreal 5 Materials Course - Discount Code!

Hey folks,

I hope it’s ok to post an advertising link here - I’ve been working pretty hard over the last year on a fully comprehensive Unreal 5 Materials course:

Introduction and Theory
Animation with World Position Offset
VFX Materials
Post Process Effects

It’s available on Gumroad now and I wanted to offer a discount code to members of the RTVFX community: use RTVFX_25 for 25% off

It’s about 35 hours, 250 materials and 15 years worth of accumulated Unreal Material knowledge, so hopefully it’ll be helpful :slight_smile:



Just a heads up: you have a type-o in the coupon code! (swapped F and X)

Also: Due to country purchase parity, this discount code might get rejected by gumroad (which means, that the parity discount is as much or more than the discount and they do not add up)

But I will definitely buy that pack! I bet I’ll be going “oh dang, I never knew that! This makes my life so much easier!” a bunch of times and that is absolutely worth every penny :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! Finally courses I can recommend to people :smiley:

A Purchase from me!, Thanks Tharle!

Never stop learning everyone, always curious to see how others do things



Whoops - I’ve fixed the typo. You would think I could spell vfx!

I didn’t know that about the pairity pricing and discounts, I just assumed they would work together.