Unreal 4 Material Editor Tutorials

So I recently wrote up some introductory Material Editor tutorials for Unreal 4:


Nothing super complex but hopefully a good starting point for people just starting out with VFX or maybe just transitioning over to Unreal 4.

Crits and comments welcome and I hope people find them useful!


The World Position one is already immensely helpful! When I started learning fx, it was in UDK and you could only use math for WPO, which made it tricky to control. I wasn’t aware that textures could be used now. The vectors one was also helpful for remembering certain things I forgot.

I really appreciate the time you put into this, thanks for sharing with us :slight_smile:

This is a great resource, thanks for putting it together!

Does Unreal’s material editor have a remap node? New to the editor and I’m used to Shader Forge and Amplify so maybe it’s called something else? Can’t find something like that under the math expressions. Or is that something that you need to put together manually? (That’d be a bummer because I use it A LOT)

Remap as in fit range?

If so, drop in a custom node and slap this in:
Clamp(lowOut + (value - lowIn) * (highOut - lowOut) / (highIn - lowIn),LowIn,LowOut) or build it as a function.

Yep, that’s the expression I’m looking for. Hadn’t thought about creating a custom node for that. Had to look up how a material function differs from custom nodes but that’s perfect for what I want. Was about to grumble how Unreal didn’t include, what I thought was, a common node like that. But material functions open up a whole new world for expressions I frequently use. Thanks!