Unity VFX reel 2018

This is a personal work I made on in 2018.

Imitation 1
the rest of creation

I signed up today.
I will see and learn a lot.
Thank you


holy moly! this is so cool :smiley:
Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

great reel…

Welcome ! Really cool reel. Looking forward to seeing you share some of your technique with the community.

A side note, I have moved your topic under Fishished Work & Reference, as it serves the purpose better.

Really nice work :slight_smile:

Only note is: I would put in credits along with each piece to show what you’re responsible for. If you pulled inspiration from somebody else’s work just stating that it’s “inspired by ‘X’” helps those hiring know what you’re responsible for.

Keep it up, and welcome!! :star2:

I would recommend only showing one perspective of the effect, preferably the best angle. I think it’s like 5-10sec per effect depending on how complicated the effect. Also, You wanna tell the viewer your name in the beginning. Contact information in the beginning and end of the reel. Hope this helps :+1:

I would also remove the Unity intro tag. No need to advertise the software, just put your name and contact info. The first thing you want people to notice is who did the work and how to get a hold of them… Not what software was used. :slight_smile: