Unity VFX Graph study

Some study of the VFX Graph,I found a lot of fun to play with, Hope you like it~feel free to leave comment below,cheers!It’s my second topic here,Like this place:yum:

I Just update a new video,another try out,and work with Shader Graph.
Just Try some Glitch Art VFX.

Demo 0100_00_01--00_00_04
VFX & Shader Graph案例Demo00_00_53--00_00_57
VFX & Shader Graph案例Demo00_00_13--00_00_18




Check out my youtube video above for full version.
don’t know how to put video to this post, I give the link but video couldn’t show up. please click the link to my youtube channel to check that.


There are many interesting videos in your channel. Cool

Thank you! I’ll try to make more fun stuff!

I Just update new videos about Skinned mesh render sampling ,
示例 0100_00_02--00_00_10
示例 0300_00_05--00_00_13
示例 0400_00_02--00_00_10
示例 0400_00_12--00_00_21
示例 0200_00_00--00_00_06



Checkout the link above to see the Youtube videos


Could you please point me to a direction where I can learn how to make particles spawn from only the parts that are dissolving ? Like you did with the golden hand. I can make the particles and the dissolving shader easily but I couldn’t think of a way to make particles spawn only on the parts that are dissolving at that moment, and stop spawning on the parts that have dissolved already.

Great work btw; thanks for sharing ^^ <3

Try to think about spawn particles from a black and white channel map

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Check the link above, I Just update a new video, testing Shader Graph and VFX Graph


Some study of Unity VFX Graph and Point cloud,
inspired by RubenFro@youtube ,
Point Cloud created by BirdChen@sketchfab, The Hallwyl Museum@sketchfab, Johndoh@sketchfab, ThomasFlynn@sketchfab, Moshe Caine@sketchfab

Demo 0100_00_01--00_00_04
Demo 0200_00_12--00_00_18
Demo 0100_00_19--00_00_24
Demo 03

Check out the links above to see the Youtube videos

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