Unity VFX Graph Exponential Smoothing help

How to do Exponential Smoothing in vfx graph unity?

I’m using Azure kinect to connect my x hand position to a float, but it looks kinda jumpy and im trying to smooth out the number and make sure it transitions smoothly. would appreciate your help.

If you have not already solved this.

I would have to see the graph to get specific, but I think how I would do it would be to set up a lerp from current x position to the x position you are getting from the kinect point cloud, and drive the lerp with delta time.

No, I haven’t solved that yet, would appreciate your help!

I’m trying to connect these two values, basically the the X is the position of my hand on the X axis which tracked thu the Azure Kinect, and the New Range Max is controlling the remap of the position, let me know if you need to know anything else! thanks