Unity VFX Graph Einstein to Dust

Hello everyone!
Still having a lot of fun with the VFX Graph!
This time I made a bust of Einstein dissolve in the wind and turning into dust.

Here I am spawning particle on a Pcache I baked in Unity.
I’ve set up a sphere collider in the graph that kills any particles it comes in contact with.
I then send a GPU Event that spawns the dust particles on the dead particles locations.
I binded the position and radius parameter of the sphere collider to a game object in the scene. I can then animate the game object to dissolve Einstein.
Check the GIF below to see how the sphere game object is dissolving Einstein.

Hope you like it!



good one… keep it up.

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Thanos approves haha :+1:

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how can i get that trigger node and gpu event node. Good Work

Hey! Just enable “Experimental Operators/Blocks” in your Preferences.

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