Unity |VFX 2018


I am from China and have been working for more than one year.
This is my VFX,I hope to get more communication and help me grow up. Thanks


This is fantastic, thank you for sharing. Loved 0:26 especially.

Great work, can’t wait to see more of your work.


:19 is amazing! So anime pop!

I feel like the tail of the fireball doesn’t trail off enough?
I feel like i can see the sphere and cylinder shapes.

You have great gesture, very good color tones.

The flame strikes feel too desaturated compared to the explosion.
The additive and glowing nature of the explosion is very different from the swiping shapes with an outline.


Thank you for your comment and I will continue to improve.


Hi, look so great, can you show some your workflow ?


兄弟 ,你做的好牛逼啊啊啊啊啊啊啊啊~~


That gift bomb at the start is amazing.








Fantastic work ! love the style and timing !


拳头是手的模型做的 手臂是圆柱的模型 加 虚的模糊的手的贴图










At 00:13 in video, you used panning in a mesh to make that effect? The fire texture of the beam was “walking” (panning) in a mesh? (sorry for asking here, but i dont know if you check YouTube’s channel comment section)


yes it is…


Wow. How long that mesh was? 3 Kilometers?
The mesh was rotating and glowing?


it is a long plane…