Unity Trail render

thanks a lot!!!it\s useful


another year, and still no support for this in unity… Ludvig, finally tried your solution :smiley: it works only if the trail continues and lives forever, any short life trail and the system fails… @richardk Is this still on any roadmaps?

Hey, apologies that we still haven’t done this. The Particle System, Trail Renderer and Line Renderer are mostly is “maintenance mode” now, which means they are only receiving bugfixes and very small improvements. This is due to the development of the Visual Effect Graph, which aims to supercede these features.

I did pass this much-requested feature along to the Visual Effect Graph team some time ago, but my understanding is that the first version of trails in that tool won’t support this either.

Sorry that I don’t have any good news on this for you.

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cheers for the update…working on mobile, i’ve yet to use the Visual Effect Graph. and not sure i’ll use it any time soon :frowning:

Does anyone know of any unity store assets that would work as required.?

Unfortunately I’m not good at scripting. Can you explain how to make this script work?

If I am not mistaken, just assign the script to a gameobject that has a trail renderer (and an assigned material) and then it should work (in play mode). You shouldn’t need to script anything to have it working like in the gif I posted

Thanks for your reply!