Unity: Simulating Intentionally low/limited framerate

Hi! I’m trying to simulate a retro fps look (think Doom II/Duke Nukem 3D) but especially for the first person weapons, I want to avoid animating using spritesheets and instead I want to “pixelize” it at runtime. So, I assume I’ll have no trouble making it “lowres” and apply a color ramp to it to simulate that limited palette look but, I also want to somehow simulate a 10-12 fps choppy animation even though i’ll animate the weapon using Unity’s animator (recoil etc). Is there a way to simulate this low-fps thing in shader level?

I already have a separate camera for weapon (typical fps stuff to avoid weapon clipping into walls etc) so I’m also okay with rendering weapon camera to a render texture in lowres, if there’s any way to set a limit to the Render Texture’s capture interval somehow.

Any ideas?

I think for animation you can use Arc System Works’s approach https://youtu.be/yhGjCzxJV3E?t=1750
They make limited or stop motion animation in 3D, but in anime style.

In Unity animation curves should look like this (for each key both tangents constant)

It is also better to set sample rate 24 or 30 frames for each animation.

Yeah initially I thought of doing the same but the amount of effort compared to swapping prerendered sprites is almost the same if you think for positional changes I would need to key each frame (because every frame transition will be set to instant) to simulate the low framerate, which is also not very “modular” and prone to iteration. But thanks for the reply anyways!