Unity ShaderGraph Color problem

Hello community!
I want to create tiling texture with possibility to change color in particle system or in trail but color does not applying how i needed.

Color take color from material, but i need that he take color from particle system or trail(color of gradient) etc. I want to have 1 material for many effects but now i need to create single mat for each particle system or trail.

Can i really solve that problem somehow?

you have to use a node called “Vertex Color”, it’s basicaly the color you put in a particle system :slight_smile:

Custom vertex stream will be your new friends :slight_smile: i suggest you take a look at the dedicated post in this forum ^^
not sure that the vertex color node alone can do the job?

For trail renderer, i don’t know :-/

Yes, it works! Thank you, it helps me so much

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Another good tip is to split the vertex color node to separate the alpha channel, this way you can also control opacity!

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