Unity shader tutorial for my VFX Master Shader

Hi there! As you may or may not know, I tend to release hand-written beginner-friendly shader tutorials on my website! Today I released the first part of my (at least) 3-part tutorial on the VFX Master Shader I use for most of my effects, and I thought that’d be something interesting to you!

You can check out the tutorial here: https://halisavakis.com/my-take-on-shaders-vfx-master-shader-part-i/

The first part covers some of the effects that the master shader includes, and just with that one can achieve interesting effects like the following:


I hope you find it useful and I’m here if you have any questions whatsoever! ^^


Hi Harry! helpful tutorials, thank you!

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Just released the second part of the VFX master tutorial, which you can check here:

Here I cover more features of the shader like polar coordinates, color banding, and more!


Thanks for sharing:grinning:

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The third and final major part of the VFX Master Shader tutorial is out! ^^

The third part covers the transparent version of the shader as well as some more small features like soft blending and rectangular masking!

You can give it a read in the link below:



Thank you so much Halis ! Can’t wait to try this ! =D

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i got to learn shaders now thank you harry

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