Unity Particle Emitter Question

Hi I’m new, I was just diving into Unity’s particle system. I wanted to ask why my scene and game view looks different. The scene view is what I think the particles should look like, the ring has a slight curve growing and shrinking - but the game view the growth abruptly halts and shrinks back.

Curve Editor

Game View (Wrong)

Scene View (Right)

Also yes, I know it’s very amateurish but I was curious as to why this is happening z_z. The first image is cropped for some reason on the forums, if you click the link you can see the curve of the size over lifetime.

EDIT: After 5 hours of ticking random things, I uploaded this in frustration - but not 3 minutes after uploading, I realized the ‘max particle size’ value can influence the display in the viewport. Not sure why game view and scene view are not consistent with it though. Sorry this post can be deleted…

Not very sure about what cause this, I’m guessing maybe increase the max particle size could help.

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Yeah, I expect it’s this. The particle’s size is getting clamped to that max size so you’re not seeing the full scaling animation. Set it to something ridiculous like 1000000000.