Unity Lit Smoke Shaders for Universal RP (VFXGraph / Shuriken)

Hello ! :slight_smile:

I’ve put on github a small project with a bunch of shadergraphs that you can use with VFX Graph and Shuriken. It implements a bunch of lit smoke workflows :

  • 6-Way lighting (RLT-BBF)
  • Normal Based lighting (+fake scattering directionality coefficient +gradient-based attenuation)
  • ASTA (Ambient, Scattering, Temperature, Alpha) masks for separating smoke and fire components

It works with current Unity 2021.2, and I have implemented the shaders for both Texture2D and Texture2DArray flipbook types and provide some examples.

(Note: if you delve a bit into the project, you will find some gems : subgraph nodes that enable sampling any light information in Universal RP so you can experiment custom lighting with these as well)