Unity Fog plane dont works with transparent particles

Hi, I made a shader to make fog behide it,
works well, less for a smoke “transparent” particles(shurinken), thats apear like in front him.
How I make to this plane fog works with these particle also ?

Ps.: Im looking for a teacher to private classes of VFX in Unity

Ricardo Mendes(ricmage)
whatsUp: +55 85988323004

Hi Ricardo, does your fog plane uses Scene Depth ?

It’s probably because when you are rendering particles behind this plane, you are getting objects depth to blend to fog color, but this will not work with transparent objects because those ones are not rendered in the depth buffer and will simply draw the depth of opaque objects behind.

If you want to render your fog on transparent objects, you’ll have to create a custom shader for each transparent object that will be rendered behind your fog and draw the fog directly on the pixels. Also ensure your fog plane is rendered before every transparent material (set the object render queue under 3000).

This fog uses a similar system:

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Sorangon,…Thank You Very much for,…
indeed i prefered make the shader but ok,
im not yet reached but trying here put the Asset you pointed,
Let me ask you please,… Can you give some few personel classes of Vfx in Unity?
what you whatsUp or other contact? you tell me the value,
is very dificult im found someone to help me,
is just some questions I have …

Thank you again
Best Regards!
Ricardo Mendes(ricmage)
whatsUp: +55 85 98832-3004

The “Atmospheric Height Fog” Asset dont solve the problem,
Someone knows some more way to solve?,
are “shuriken” transparent particles that are apearing infront of when they are there behide. …?


It’s not something that can be solved by changing the shader being used for the fog plane. It is impossible for it to properly fog particles, full stop.

The only solution is to use a custom shader on the particles that does the same fog calculations, which requires a more complex setup as you’d need to have something that passes the fog plane’s information to the particles.

There are some higher end volumetric assets on the store that used to include special shaders for particles and other transparent surfaces. Aura 2 for example, though that asset probably doesn’t quite do what you want as it’s focused on volumetric lighting vs fog. Unfortunately I don’t know of any others that properly support transparency and are still available.

Thanks anyway bgolus and if you know something more please dont let me to say.