[Unity] Distortion URP

Hi there! this my first topic i post

for first i planning to add distortion for effect to the project in unity 2020.3.26f1
We have the problem, the distortion didn’t include transparent shader so the Shuriken Particle didn’t have distortion only the environment take the effect
but I found the solution “use custom script” to grabpass transparent shader

Mesh Distortion - Only Distortion

Mesh Distortion - Implement with other VFX

Sample Shader for mesh Distortion use Script Grabpass from Refsa

Texture Distortion (Use ring texture) - Only Distortion

Texture Distortion (Use ring texture) - Implement with other VFX

Sample Shader for Texture Distortion (Use ring texture) use Script Grabpass from Refsa

so i want to ask, is there any way to make it more cheaper or i can optimize it further?


Looks super cool! I really like your shapes, timing and distortion! <3 The distortion shader is interesting: Isn’t there something simpler in Unity? As far as I can tell, you’re reading the rendered scene texture and then distort it, aren’t you?

Thanks! from i know if use amplified shader can more simple than this because they grabpass can read transparent shader too
yep you right! this read and distort it