Unity Custom Vertex Stream woes

I was wondering if any other Unity VFX artists out there could tell me why I get this oh-so-familiar warning every time I flick ‘Custom Vertex Streams’ on?

I want to use a Custom Data vec1 to control a shader parameter. Unity assigns the custom param to TEXCOORD0.z, which I have wired into my shader graph. which is just a simple opaque shader with a texture whose offset is driven by my Custom Data vec1.


How do I get rid of the TANGENT (what am I being warned about exactly here?) and the TEXCOORD warnings? The COLOR seems to go away as long as a Vertex Color node is present.

I’m not sure overall if these warning are just that, warnings or if they’re actual compile errors.

start without TEXCOORD0.z
add tangent
add uv 2 TEXCOORD0.zw
then add CustomData TEXCOORD1.x And use those UVs in shader
I have it setup like this:

Thanks for the help. Are you able to explain why it wants you to add the TANGENT vert stream manually? I don’t understand why it isn’t included by default.