Unity - Amplify Shader Editor - Additive Shader for scrolling mesh particle problem

Hey peoples,

I am brand new to Amplify Shader editor and I am getting stuck on creating an additive shader to scroll a texture across a mesh…

There are two problems… the first is the mesh is culling parts of itself that are behind it even though I thought I made it transparent…

Second to that, once the texture has finished scrolling, edges of the mesh remain visible, and I can’t seem to get rid of them…

In the main output node, these are my settings, anyone know where I am going wrong?

Cheers all

Have you tried to change Render Queue to Transparent?

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I could’ve sworn I tried that and it didn’t work, but yeah, that solved the first problem, thanks :slight_smile: now I am still left with these artifacts after the tetxure has scrolled, so not too sure what to do about that…

I’m not sure but checking Alpha to Covereage solve my problem with similar shader

Can you try turning off lodding in your texture?
This looks a lot like working with a lower lod (because of low pixel coverage) blowing out your texture.

fair warning I’ve never use amplify either, I’m going off of experience with other shader editors.

Hello, for a additive use

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Thanks all will try this all this morning!