Unity Additive shader and colour issue with the shader graph

//Shows grey but gets the alphas right

//Shows the colours I want but reads the alphas wrong so its the projectile shape on a black background.

So I have tried a few combinations to get a material made using the shader graph working with a trail for a projectile. ( old shader below with link to VFX test)

The shader I am trying to create is just a basic Additive shader to be honest. One with a little glow. but this shader graph material either shows nothing or something grey with a tinge of purple if i stick purple into the pbr master but for some reason I don’t see it consistently.

Other effects that I made in the Shuriken system seem to suffer the same issue where it either does not show anything or just shows grey templates.

My knowledge is pretty slim so I did do some googling and some searching on this forum but seemed to not see much. I did ask someone who was nice enough to help out and they showed me if i used this

The unlit master seems to make it work but then I wasn’t able to make it glow by adding to the emission, although I admit I might be over thinking it.

If I have missed something or anyone has some documents for me to read that would be great! Anything to help me figure out why using the shader graph is stopping my effects from picking up colour from my trail render and why it seems to not like my other effects I would really appreciate a point in the right directions.

Hope you are all keeping well.