Un1horn: Sketch #30 - Fireworks

Current progress:

Hey guys! Main idea for sketch:

Something like that but shape will be revealed by fireworks at end of explosion in the sky.


First tests of explosion shapes

Few updates, testing math and shapes


A bunch of problems with internet and other trash.



Stunning work! Will you be adding more things to it? Either way, keep the gifs coming!

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Yea! Its some problems with internet to upload faster, sorry. Im trying)

FW10_01 FW11 FW12 FW14 FW14_02


These shapes are fantastic!! Will you share any insight into your techniques with us?

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How did you control the shape of your firework?

No problem, i can make some breakdowns!

Fully mades by Niagara modules in UE4.

Fresh update and video

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Some breakdown about shapes.

Create Niagara module in “Particles Spawn” with simple definition of position on skel mesh or static meshes. (I have two because i was testing some things)

Create a meshes from pic or some text:

Ofc we can create a shape by math without meshes like this sphere(you can found full math of creating sphere in standart Niagara module “Sphere Location”):

So then we have a simple math ins “Particles update”
Its just lerp position from A to B by alpha by condition:
If particle life less than “Delta” (it just a variable name(float)) then lerp.

We have a many options in Niagara modules.

For example we can start from any shape by define Particles.Position as some mesh or module in “Particles Spawn” and then add this math in “Update”:

From start pos particles will move by velocity to EndPos.
Important thing, we cant change position of particles by some force if we use “Particle Position” directly. We must use velocity for create a really interesting results.
On the next week i guess ill show full logic of My Firework version.

Feel free to ask any questions about my sketch if you need more!

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