UE5 Niagara VFX Livestream

UE5 Demo

[UPDATE] New livestream signup link here: https://www.vfxapprentice.com/livestream

Hey, everyone! I’m going to be hosting VFX Apprentice’s first free live stream on Discord this weekend. It’s gonna be a voice + chat channel full of people curious and/or passionate about VFX. It will undoubtedly be an hour to remember!

Feel free to invite friends as well. Now that our Discord server has levelled up, we can welcome curious visitors who want a glimpse of what we’ve been up to all this time.

Here’s the link:


During the call, we’ll be covering the following:

  • Behind the curtain of VFX Apprentice
  • How to optimize your VFX education
  • Recent student portfolio reviews
  • Open Q&A

Looking forward to seeing you there!


Quick reminder that we’re going live in less than 24 hours! See you there.

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Last month we discovered the limits of Discord (who knew that a maximum of 75 people could watch a stream simultaneously??), so this Saturday we’re gonna give Zoom a shot. Here’s the signup link: https://www.vfxapprentice.com/livestream

See you there!


I was so sad to find out about the last one after it had already happened. I’m very excited to catch this one!

When is the next one happening? :slight_smile:

I’m excited to say it’s happening again this weekend :smiley:

UE5 Demo

I’m excited to announce a big update with Unreal 5 and Niagara in our curriculum. A while back we launched our Intro to Niagara series, taught by @hadidjah, and now we’ve gone and converted our original Booms & Blasts project files into UE5 as well, rebuilding everything in Niagara. Production has started on the new lessons, which should be ready just as soon as we can finish recording and editing.

To celebrate this content update, I’ll be demo-ing the updated project live on Discord and offering a discount to attendees. If you’re looking to dive into Niagara, this free session will be perfect for you. Sign-ups are here: https://www.vfxapprentice.com/livestream

AND I’d be silly to not mention: we also have an equivalent Booms & Blasts project update for Unity, along with the long-awaited Unity side-scroller for Tradigital 2DFX launching this weekend as well.

For these and anything else, your feedback is always 100% welcome to make learning VFX a better experience for everyone.

Thanks for your continued support which allows us to do what we do. And thanks a TON to the whole team at VFX-A (part-time, full-time, and friends) making our bi-weekly content updates a reality. It’s insane the amount of new VFX training we’ve been able to do with your help, and even more is sorely needed! Here’s a bright future together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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