UE4 Spawning once on repeat

Hi guys,

i’m working on a VERY simple particle at the moment where i need a ring to appear around a weapon pickup, the problem is, the weapon bobs up and down and spins over a period of 4 seconds.

Over this 4 seconds i need the ring below to go out as the weapon bobs up and in when it bobs down, which i’ve manged to do by using the lifetime.

The issue is with a lifetime of 4, every 1 second a new ring spawns rather than it simply looping the 1 single ring. I’ve tried a tonne of things to get around this and i’ve tried different spawn types, different numbers, bursts and so on. if anybody could give me any direction i’d appreciate it a tonne. I know the answer must be so simple!

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Have you made it so the particle system only plays once and don’t loop? Because if you have the spawnrate on 0 and burst on 1 there shouldn’t be more then one ring as long as the effect doesnt loop.


Are you useing Cascade or Niagara? If it’s Cascade, you have to check the Duration of the Emitter in the Required Stack and set the Emitter Duration to the Lifetime of your Particle (4, I assume) and the Emitter Loops to 0. In the Spawn Stack you have to Burst Spawn one Particle at the time of 0. Now, every Loop your Emitter is doing, it bursts one particle at the duration time of 0.


thank you very much guys! combined both your answers together and it worked! life savers :smiley: