UE4 Niagara Stats

Hi, any suggs on the best way to profile really heavy niagara systems? I see a list of stat options in the viewport, which of main interest is Niagara, which shows me how much GPU memory is being used. The editor will show particle counts, in editor, per emitter… how can one see the particle count in the scene at any given frame for all NS emitters, for example…

any handy stat commands?


As far as I know theres currently only 4 useful ones.

  • Stat GPU to see the total gpu impact (overdraw in transparency, cycle cost in Niagara GPU Simulation)
  • Stat Niagara is just a basic cost and memory overview
  • Stat NiagaraEmitters gives frame information about the emitters
  • Stat NiagaraSystems gives frame information about systems.

One thing I do a lot is to add one instance of an effect to an empty map to read out information about only that effect.

thanks for the quick reply!

right-o, so I do have a single instance in an empty map and wanted to see more info (if possible) than what the niagara editor offers. ie. it does a particle count estimate per emitter… but I was hoping in the level there might be an aggregate number of particles I could see to get a more precise sense of how far I can push my machines limits. For instance, in the niagara editor, my effect will reset and all seems fine, but when I run it in the world it can run longer such that I can hit VRAM limits and kaboom!

thanks for tips, let me know if any others come to mind!