[UE4] Force Shield Material

Hi everyone,

this is my attempt at creating a force field effect in Unreal Engine 4.
My goal was to create a versatile material to allow for multiple styles of shields.

How do you like it for starters? :wink:


It’s a good start, but it looks very basic right now, and the panning on the honeycomb texture is very obvious. It would also help to see any reference images/ videos you have to bettter gauge what you are going for.

Some Suggestions:
1.) Try to combine different textures to get more interesting movement in you shield pattern.
2.) Try using some UV Distortion / Flow maps to get interesting movement patterns
3.) Sometimes subtle colors with some minimal distortion tends to look more interesting.

Check out this effect from destiny 2


I’m here to add to what @DeepSpaceBanana said. The example he showed is from a CGI trailer. …so…

Here it is in game. :smiley:

This is as the bubble as its about to break, and it’s interesting. Parts of the emissive are dimming into a spotty pattern, there are swirling particles ebbing around the bubble, even the shape isn’t static. It’s distorting and wobbling. Irregularities stacked on top of Irregularities stacked on top of Irregularities.

This is all a visual language. So ask yourself; What are you trying to tell me about your force field?

Right now I see a wobbling sphere with two panner textures, and with what you have occurring with the two panning textures feels a lot more suited to… carnival lights


It’s a start.


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Thanks for the tips DeepSpaceBanana and Mez, will definately pimp it up in a spare while :wink:

I find those advices useful eventhough I don’t want to make a force field. Thank you @DeepSpaceBanana and @Mez

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