[UE] Rainbow Galaxy Shard


I doodled up a fun little shader.
It started out with just some (fake) iridescence, then I added some (fake) pearlescence, and decided it needed some stars, moving meteoroids, a tiny galaxy, and a few more tiny tweaks.
I also recorded a video about it, consider it a showcase/break-down thing.

I didn’t care much for optimization and just kept adding things I thought would enhance it, sometimes painting without a goal can be really relaxing and satisfying :slight_smile:


Special thanks to Jan Kaluza for his Object-Stabilized Screen-Space UV setup: https://twitter.com/jkashaar/status/1047979071609757702
Christian Sparks for a neat Sparkly sand material setup: https://www.napbound.com/post/ue4-journey-inspired-sparkly-sand
(I butchered both)!


hey hey @Keith I think I asked this before, but with my tiny peanut brain I forgot how but…
Why cant I get the image to show up on the main page?

Oooff, sorry for the slow response here man!

Here’s the short answer:
The Topic Thumbnail option is currently only able to pull from images directly embedded in your post, not hosted elsewhere. It looks like all of your gifs are a bit too large for us to host though, so I’ve just made a fast trim of yours:


With that image now, we should be able to go to Select Thumbnail:

And select it for use.

Longer Answer
Our old topic thumbnail plugin was half custom built, and half supported by Discourse. Over the past… 2 years, the programmer we were working with decided to better integrate it into the Discourse codebase for general use (as opposed to our site). What we have now is a much better integrated tool behind the scenes, but we lost a fair amount of controls that I haven’t been able to get to the bottom of - the most important being why we cannot pull our cover thumbnails from Youtube or Vimeo links anymore.

Thanks for the swift kick on this - I’m going to go stir up this conversation again and see if we can make any progress.


ooh, thanks for that Keith!
I’ll be sure to upload smaller .gif’s for preview’s sake from now o :slight_smile:

Good luck with the progress! hug